Our Services

Below is the list of services we offer at DACC

Children & Teens Counselling

DACC addresses emotional, behavioural and scholastic problems of children.It's common for children to experience problems with puberty.

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Relationship Problems

Couples may choose us to improve their communication, learn conflict resolution skills, and work on building healthier relationships.

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Career Counseling

DACC helps individuals to develop self understanding to take relevant decisions, make a choice or find a direction etc.

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Individual Counseling

DACC Counselling and Psychological Services offer individual counselling where the emphasis is on the individuals' personal problems.

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Psychological Assessments

This process involves the integration of information from multiple sources, such as personality tests, ability or intelligence tests, etc.

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Parental Guidance

Parents have a primary role in forming effective attitudes and behaviors in directing their children towards healthy and productive acts.

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